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.WE.BS ccTLD Reselling Options

The .WE.BS ccTLD is a country code second level domain name for the Bahamas. This particular second level domain name is the cheapest extension you can get from ResellersPanel as an ICANN Accredited Registrar. The price is only , however this SLD can only be provided for registration and not transfer with any of the domain names reseller programs..WE.BS Domain Names Reseller

Under cPanel Web Hosting Reseller more than 40 different domain name types are provided to you such as the generic .INFO for information websites, .NET for networks or .ORG, for non-profit organizations. You will also find a plethora of ccTLDs available for both registration and transfer at discounted prices, such as .CO.UK for UK domains, .US if you need a US domains, .COM.AU for Australian domain registration. Additionally one can provide the whois protection service for most of the 40 TLDs. This is just one of the reseller hosting platforms provided by ResellersPanel.

Resell the .WE.BS ccTLD with cPanel/WHM packages

We get one question in particular more often than others. What is the difference between the cPanel resellers program and the Free Resellers Program?

The only thing that the two programs have in common is the both support the .WE.BS domain. With both reseller hosting programs, you can easily start your own web hosting company company.

The cPanel resellers program logically uses the cPanel/WHM control panel in comparison with the in-house built control panel that is being utilized in the Free Resellers Program. The cPanel/WHM Control panel is also available with the Virtual Private Servers packages or the Dedicated Servers.cPanel Reseller Web Hosting

Instead of re-selling the pre-made web hosting packages directly without buying them, you will need to purchase any of the fthe different cPanel resellers plans at the disposal - Plan1 for USD per month, Plan2 for USD per month, Plan3 for USD per month and Plan4 for USD per month. You can split these plans into smaller packages which you will then sell to the customers.

In the cPanel program the reseller will have control over the billing and technical support for his customers with the help of the ClientExec billing software, a domain names reseller account (which otherwise costs 500 USD) and web-store templates. All of which provided for FREE.

Hosting Service

A hosting solution includes hoarding and/or sharing particular content on a server hosted by a web site hosting distributor. There are different classes of hosting services utilized for different goals, so let's survey them. In that way, you can conclude what you want, depending on whether you desire to create a weblog, electronic mail accounts, or to share files with comrades and associates.

Joomla Hosting

If you are new to the Internet and you would like to make your very first weblog, or you are searching for a substitute for the website design software app that you are now using, you may consider a script-based content management system (CMS) app.

Dedicated Web Hosting

The files on the dedicated server can be administered either through a Secure Shell (SSH) session or through a hosting Control Panel GUI such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Hepsia, etc. There are tens of web hosting CP GUIs in existence, and usually hosting companies offer a couple of them, and with root access at hand, the client can activate any of them. All files, databases, email aliases, access logs and program installations are administered effortlessly through a graphical user interface in a browser, so no advanced knowledge is necessary. Specific web hosting CPs also have a reseller backend panel, so if you get a dedicated web server, you can not just host your website files, but also offer shared web hosting plans to different people to gain money. '100Webspace', for instance, offers free-of-charge billing software and a domain reseller account with each and every dedicated hosting plan of theirs, which allows you to begin your very own personal web hosting corporation and earn revenue very fast as the web hosting market is incessantly increasing.